Handmade Australian kangaroo hide stock whips and leather goods by Fiona Wilks
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Whips & Leathergoods by Fiona Wilks

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click to see more beltsHandmade Leather Belts

Prices: Basic plain belt with basic buckle and all other belts please enquire, as prices will vary due to personal design and extras. Belt colours; Black, Tan, Dark Brown and natural. Plain, or hand-stitched: different colour please specify. Enquiries on buckles Brass and chrome and designs welcomed

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Bridles and halters

Bridles and Halters

Bridles. Design your own show, western, campdraft or pony club bridle. Fiona can make a bridle that you can change the brow band for any occasion, a v-shape, or an embossed name and hand-stitched with your colour liking for campdrafting.

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Bull Whips

Bull Whips. Fiona also makes Bullwhips 12 or 16 plait as prefered. Any size handle isn't a problem, It's your whip and Fiona will make it as close to your design you want. Plain or two tone (refer to colour chart for colours available) if you wish to have your Bullwhip made different Fiona will adjust to your design the best she can.

Leather gifts
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Leather Gifts

Handmade leather gifts. Fiona can make to order. See some of her past work: a money pouch, bullet pouch, leather case, tool pouch, phone pouch, cattle flogger, hat band, plaited dog lead, leather dog collar, guitar strap

Handmade Leather Stock Whips

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FW-14 Two-tone 16-plait stock whip saddle tan and red
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FW-01 8-plait stock whip whisky tan
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FW-02 8-plait pair of red stock whips with two tone turks head
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  FW-03 Three-tone novelty whip handle with plain thong FW-04 Pair of 8 plait handles and thong with coloured turkes heads. Made as a pair or single. Handles & thong any plain colours
Lengths 5 foot to 7 foot Lengths 5 foot to 6 foot
Thong- any colour 8 or 12 Plait Plaits 8 or 12 Plait
Please contact for prices and more information
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FW-07 8-plait plain red stock whips
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FW-08 Two tone 8-plait stock whip 8-plait plain thong
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FW-09 16-plait pair of stock whips with two tone red and black
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FW-12 Quirt Whip 12 plait whisky tan with wrist strap- personalised order
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FW-13 16-plait stock whip fancy plait in dark green and natural

FL-18 Two tone tan and black dressage crop with wrist strap.

click to enlarge FW-15
FW-15 red hide half plait kangaroo handle
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FW-16 red hide half plait kangaroo handle
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FW-18 16-plait stock whip with two tone kangaroo royal blue and natural

click to enlarge FW-11
FW-11 16 plait two-tone brandy and natural
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FW-14 12-plait stock whip with two tone green and black 8 plait thongl
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8 plait kangaroo black and gold

Your name can be plaited into the handle - shown here with "RAY" - price on request
click to enlarge FW-20
FW-20 brandy & saddle tan 12 plait stock whip
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FW-21 Plaited name Landmark green & natural 16 plait
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FW-22 16-plait stock whip black and natural fancy patterns
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FW-23 Black & white 16 plait stock whip
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FW-24 12-plait stock whip royal blue & black with plain black thong
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laiting used on a trophy whip handle

Whips. 100% Australian leather stock whips made from the finest of leather, Kangaroo. 8,12 or 16 plait plain colours or two tone with most colours in stock(refer to colour chart). Fiona does a full plait handle using cane and spring steel in the middle of the cane, then it is crafted into shape which gives the handle the right amount of flexion. Fiona also does half plait handles which do not have spring steel in the middle and have limited shaping but still have a good flexion for the whip. Fiona can make a single whip or a pair of whips. Fiona's whips are used for and by whipcracking champions Competition competitors, learners, circus performers, entertainers, cattle work, horse work and in the yards, campdrafting judges, collectors and many other uses.

Pricing. All stock whips are made to order and are available in full plait handles or half plait handles, plain colours or two tone.Can also plait a higher handle than thong (example;12 plait thong 16 plait handle).Turkes heads can be two tone on plain whips or you can have a plain thong with a two tone handle your choice. Order a single whip or matching pairs. colour chart on this web site.
plain colurs only

All stock whips longer than 6 foot add an extra $10.00 per foot to price.

For two-tone whips please contact Fiona for prices

Colour Chart for Kangaroo leather

Riding Crops. Whether it's for dressage, pony club, general riding or dog control, Fiona can make a crop for you. Just give her a length and she will do her best for you.Using Kangaroo Fiona can plait plain or two tone colours (refer to colour chart) with or without a wrist strap.
Hat Bands. A range of various coloured horse hair hat bands available. Also a range of 4 plait round kangaroo hat bands and flat plait plain or two tone. Chose from kangaroo colour chart.

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MW-06 8-plait riding crop, black & red
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MW-07 8-plait dressage crop black & tan
FL-19 7' leather western reins, hand cut-length your choice

To arrange Payment contact us All prices on this page are in Australian dollars. Click on the price to convert to other currencies

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phone 0409536188
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