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Photo Gallery
of whip maker & whipcracking champion Fiona Wilks


at the WACC- click to enlarge
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Carl Rees, Fiona Wilks, Alex Green
& Vince Bruce of the WWAC
Vince Bruce & Fiona at the WWAC in Las Vegas

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Betty Reid, Fiona and the best gun handler in the world Joe Bowman
Fiona & Jo Bowman at a ranch in Texas USA, where Jo and Fiona did a whipcracking and gun show for the crowd

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Fiona performing at the Texas Historical Shooters Society Event
Fiona taking an object from one of the shooters mouths during her act which was a great success and thrilled the audience

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Fiona performed on Fox TV morning show with host Skippy whilst in Arizona
Fiona winning her first Australian championships at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Ian Armstrong, former Primary Industries minister, presented her with the perpetual trophy

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Fiona cracks her whips while performing at a charity event for the Red Cross near Moree NSW Australia
Fiona cracking her bullock whip, which has won her 7 open Australian titles

Jo Benson & Fiona
Don't try this at home!
Great Friends Jo Benson of the WWAC with Fiona
Fiona whips a coin-sized disc from her father's mouth during a Whiparoos performance- click picture to enlarge


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