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whip maker Fiona Wilks

Sketch of FionaKarl Stagen
Milpitas, California, USA

The matched pair of 6 foot 8 plait stock whips (FW-01) I received from you are beautiful.The plaiting is nice and tight with smooth even taper from keeper to fall and roll out very nicely.The whip cracked crisply with little effort. In addition, the full plaited handle looks much nicer and classier than a partial.Great Job !
I was quite impressed that you were able to make them and have them waiting for me at my hotel when I visited Sydney within 4 days. I'm sure I annoyed some people by cracking in the hallway; but I couldn't resist.
Thanks again Fee

John Hudson
It's been cold and snowy here so I haven't gottento use the whips as much as I would like.However,I have used them enough to know that they are my favorite whips and considering I have pairs from Mike Murphy, Janine Fraser and Russel Shultz that's saying something. I like the easy way they crack and fall. I Particularly like that they crack with good sound without the whips having to be moved quickly or with force.( I crack as slow as I can and try to make the movements as flowing as possible). I'm hoping that I can get some more time in with them in the future but considering that March and April are our biggest show months that might not happen anytime soon. I'll keep you posted.
Take care

Fred McGehee
Hello Fiona, The stock whip arrived this afternoon.What a lovely piece of work. I am very pleased with your endeavor, and I am proud to include your work in my modest collection. Thank you for your effort, and for your responsiveness. Warmest regards

Don't try this at home!THE WILD WEST ARTS CLUB 1998
by Mike Wooldridge

The incredible whip artist from Australia named Fiona Wilks, along with her folks, Dot and Jim were enjoying the weekend.
Fiona does incredible Two-stock whip routines that I have ever seen done before. Fiona did an incredible routine with her whips.

WWAC CONVENTION 1999 by Mike Wooldridge
Keep promoting the western arts,continue to book shows, do some new tricks, (that we learn from the convention) Keep cracking like Alex Green, John Brady and Fiona Wilks.

a note from Mark Allen founder of the WWAC

Fiona Wilks won the one handed and two handed style and technique whip contest and we had people from 7 countries attend this year. Many surprises and new records were set.

The Eagle's Country Music Columnist USA
By Diane Samms Rush 1999

Mark Allen,entertainer and founder of the WWAC, which includes professionals and amateurs; told me (Diane Samms Rush) about 300 trick ropers, fast draw artists, gun spinners, whip cracking and knife and tomahawk-throwers attended the 10th annual convention held in Las Vegas spending time in seminars and taking lessons.
Talent agents and bookers are invited to a showcase for aspiring performers. Women, Allen said, tend to be better at whip cracking because cracking doesn't involve strength, but the proper twist of a wrist.
Fiona Wilks, a 24 year old whip cracker from Australia is one of the best, he said.
She was at the convention, along with Alex Green, who was Anthony Hopkins stunt double and whip coach for the movie "Zorro".Along with Vince Bruce.

Horse Monthly  (a Land Newspaper Publication)
By Gene Makim 1996

John Brady one of the greatest all round showmen of the arena has just returned from a four month whip cracking and rope spinning tour of the USA. He is now poised to release a video on one of the fastest growing Australian performing arts, Whip cracking. This great showmen, who whipcracked for Hopalong Cassidy at the Sydney showground in 1956, gives credit to many other whip crackers who have performed in Australia and given us world wide recognition.
He regards Fiona Wilks, Australias current champion lady whip cracker, as the best two-handed whipcracker he has ever seen.

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