How to do Whip cracking DVD by Fiona Wilks
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Whip cracking DVD coverTechniques of Whip Cracking DVDs

Those wishing to learn Fiona's whip cracking routines are at a disadvantage watching her off other peoples video's and dvd's. Fiona has found they aren't doing it correctly and get themselves into too many bad habits. Finally after getting hundreds of emails and phone calls, Fiona has decided to release her own whip cracking training DVD's. Let Fiona show you in-depth, the correct way on how to perfect her routines.

Beginners Whip cracking DVD - just $30 ! (USD$35) inc delivery - order

Topics covered: The Whip & safety, the Stockman's crack, slow Figure 8, fast figure 8, volleys, drum roll, overhead views, and revision

Fiona's skills and teaching advice have helped many whipcrackers and learners towards their goal either becoming champion whip crackers, performers, entertainers or using whips for campdraft judging, off horse back or cattle yard work. Fiona's skills have even helped current and past Australian whip cracking champions reach there highest level of cracking.

DVD cover

Advanced Whip Cracking DVD

Those wishing to further their skills will learn Fiona's advanced two-handed whip cracking routines

Learn how to do the Sydney flash, Stagger, crossover, arrowhead, Queensland crossover, stagger and changeover, and combined cracks

Learn from the master herself- 11 times undefeated Australian womens's whip cracking champion




How to order

Simply fill in your details on our contact us form, and request the CD you want. We will send you details of payment
Available in PAL or NTSC - just $30 ! (USD$35) includes delivery


World champion Fiona - click for more photosGet Personal Whipcracking Lessons

Fiona with Joe BowmanFiona has been cracking whips for over 15 years. Being self taught, Fiona knows the correct methods and approach to teaching people of all ages on how to correctly use any type of whip. Not only does Fiona teach whip cracking but can also help in all areas of accuracy, one handed and two handed routines. Once you can use two hands together you can create a tune with your whips.

Fiona has also helped entertainers better their demonstrations and she can also put together a 10 minute or half hour entertaining performance for you.

Fiona has performed both here in Australia and in the USA with astonishing reviews from all that has seen her perform either by herself or with her father Jim (Fiona's assistant) going by there performance name THE WHIPAROOS.

Over the years Fiona has invented her own cracking routines which are sort after, by all whip crackers wishing to learn her spectacular routine cracks such as, Fee's style, Wilkis wonder (where the whip is twirled around her neck and catches the whip on the other side while doing the QLD cross over), Around the world, The double arrow head cross over, Nothing special, McMasters beat, The bow and arrow, and Fiona's flick back, ect.


For more information on Fiona please visit her titles/awards and about Fiona section on this web site. .


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